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Process Of Applying For Tree Removal Permit in Atlanta City

Atlanta City is also called ‘The City in a Forest’ due to the vibrant green landscape. The climate of this city is subtropical, and the weather ranges from winters which are mild to humid summers. This city takes measures to care for and protect its trees by placing stringent regulations on the cutting of trees be it in public or on private property. The removal process even on your property cannot happen without a proper permit, and due to these regulations, the city can see trees still dominate the landscape reports As mentioned above, removing or even trimming of a tree from your property is governed by regulations laid down by the government and a permit is needed for the same, explained below is the process on how to obtain this license.

Tree removal permit application process Before you apply for a permit, it is good to understand the regulations that apply to a private or residential property. Any homeowner who wants to improve the landscape or remove parts of a damaged tree should own a permit. A permit is needed for trimming trees beyond 6’’ in diameter and 12’’ for pines. The filing of an application for this permit is simple and straightforward. The below steps have to be followed to apply for the license of removing a diseased, dead or dangerous tree which is on your property.

Apply: Download the application for a tree removal permit from the internet. Fill in the required parts and submit it via email, fax, post or can be hand-delivered to the Arborist Division of Atlanta City. This form contains sections where you will have to fill details of the trees you intend to remove. You can fill details of up to 3 trees and apply for a permit once for all.

Inspection: Once you submit the application and it reaches the Arborist division, you can expect an investigation of your property within four working days. An arborist will be assigned to perform a field inspection.

Approval: The arborist who inspected your property will submit a report, and the next process is application approval. In case your application is approved, the report of property checked will be sent to you. Another requirement is that the property owner should be present at the time of tree removal process. Ensure you keep a copy of the approved report handy with you so that you can produce it when required. In case of your application is denied, you can file an appeal.

Appeal: Under some circumstances, your application for a permit may be denied. In such a scenario, you can appeal to the Tree Conservation Commission. Like the permit application form, you will have to download the appeal form, fill and submit it. A nonrefundable fee of 75$ also has to be paid. Ensure that you read all the instructions mentioned on the Tree conservation commission appeal packet form. Prepare to present proper evidence of the arborist misrepresenting affects.

The Arborist division comprises of managers, inspectors, and reviewers and can be contacted for any information or clarification on tree removal, permit or any other requirements.

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