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Method To Remove Struck Toy From Toilet

If you are facing a clogged toilet, due to the obstruction of the toys inside your first instinct would be to call a professional plumber. Such an action is not necessarily the first thing you should attempt. As a DIY project, you can usually tackle the mess. If you know how to clear a clogged toilet, then ensure to clear the mess correctly. In such situation a toilet auger will be very handy for removing the toy as well as any clogging that develops inside the toilet, the place is not visible to you. This toilet auger is a simple and long tool with a cable and a J shaped tube. This can be purchased from the local hardware stores at an affordable cost.

How to use augar?

In this tool, one end of the tube is bent to avoid any scratches on the toilet while putting to use. Also, the cable has a bended-hook at one end and a handle at the outer end. All one has to do is to insert the hook end into the toilet and push the cable to reach the blocked toy or the place of the clog. When you feel any solid obstructions, rotate the handle in such a way so that the hook makes a grip on the toy which can be pushed out slowly. Of course, this needs some practice, and this trick will work out only when the toy sits in a convenient position so that the hook can easily attach to it. For getting the best results, one can use the bigger hook so that it can grab the toy easily. At times, it is difficult to remove the toy if it is in a wrong position. If this method is not yielding success, you can always take the help of a professional plumber who use other methods to clear the obstruction and remove the toy out.

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