Month: September 2017

A Guide To Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is the most integral part of our house. With such fast lifestyle, we manage very limited time for preparation and eating our meals. Hence for systematic and speedy work, we need everything to be appropriately organized in our cook place. To keep the kitchen tidy and spacious concept of cabinetry was introduced. Over the time, these fixed cabinets have been replaced by compact modular sets which add aesthetics and style to your kitchen. There are many prominent players in the modular kitchen and cabinet market. One of the famous designers is Eco kitchen Cabinets Perth. They offer some of the most astonishing and best in class designs and patterns popular all over Perth.

If you plan to renovate your kitchen, you can explore some of the latest kitchen cabinet patterns and layouts at Primarily we need to choose the type of cabinet you intend to install. There are basically four types of cabinets- under the counter (base counter), mounted on the wall, standalone cabinets which are portable and corner cabinets or bottle racks. Based upon varied demand of customers there are different grades of cabinet material:

Ready to assemble: These modular kitchens are branded and need to be professional expertise to install. They are less durable and cost decently.

Stock cabinets: These are available on outlets or warehouse manufacturer directly. Since they come in fixed sizes and shapes, customization is not possible. But you can get various textures, material and numerous color options to choose from.

Semi-custom cabinets: These are customized shelves and doors designed and made in order by the manufacturers. You can specify the dimensions and design and color patterns, the manufacturer either rework on stock cabinets or design a new structure.

Customized cabinets: Usually for fully customized cabinets, the professional is called, and the cabinet is designed in-house based on the kitchen dimensions and space options. You have the freedom to amend any specification like material, design, pattern, handle type, color combinations, etc.

Cabinet and shelf doors are the main component of the complete structure. Deciding upon their format, material and design play a very vital role in enhancing the complete look of the kitchen. The format may vary depending on the personal choice of the installer. Primarily cabinet doors are of two types. Framed cabinets have rail and stiles which are attached to the door to give extra strength to the structure and Frameless construction.

Various designs which you can opt from are recessed miter, raised arch, recessed square or slabs. Apart from that, the cabinet doors come in varied designs like an arched cathedral, beaded wherein grooves create stripes. Flat panel, glass inset, raised the panel, etc. Other important considerations are the knobs and handles. The material, brands, and durability of the hardware enhance the overall look of a cabinet. The color and finish of the cabinet add style to your kitchen. Exploring the option of open shelves is also a cost-effective option. If you are organized and systematic getting open shelves incorporated into the cabinet design.

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